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Workplace Mediation

Are you seeking an independent mediator with a legal background? Are you an employer facing a dispute in the workplace? Perhaps your firm is facing an employment tribunal case? Are you a business seeking to resolve a commercial legal issue without resorting to costly litigation?  As a Workplace and ADR Group accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator, and a qualified solicitor, I am uniquely placed to help.

Take a look through my services, and then contact me in confidence to discuss your legal matter further. Email

  • Half, or full day mediation service.  Tailored to your specific civil or commercial conflict or dispute.  The bespoke mediation service provided by Sandy is designed to act as an alternative to litigation for numerous staff issues within the workplace, including racial discrimination, bullying or harassment claims, matters of poor performance, unfair dismissal or conflict between staff members.  In addition, the mediation service is also designed to resolve conflict between businesses in matters including partnership, management buyout, monies owing or change management.

  • Business Health Check – Take a proactive approach.  Designed to pinpoint potential issues, which left unchecked could negatively affect the success of business change management projects, including future redundancy plans, mergers & take-overs.  Take action before these issues begin to affect the running of your business, or the smooth transition of your change management project.

  • Conflict Coaching – Working one-on-one with Sandy, individuals work through a specific challenge or a problem in a dispute.  Designed for business leaders, managers and non-managers, the coaching enables individuals to quickly identify and address tensions.    Explore creative and effective ways to manage conflict or tension.  Have more awareness of their impact on others and reflect, plan, and move forward with resolution ideas with confidence.

  • Conflict Resolution Workshop – An ignored conflict, or one which was previously resolved poorly is like a poison within a business.  This causes employees to feel resentful and angry and to avoid each other. The effects on the business are a loss of productivity, absenteeism and reduced turnover.   In the Conflict Resolution Workshop Sandy works with small teams, coaching managers and non-managers how to identify conflict, listen to varied points of view, express needs and problems openly and honestly, and how to mediate and resolve disputes between team members to cultivate a more harmonious team-work environment.

*These services are provided direct, and also via partner law firms.

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