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What is Mediation?

Mediation is the most rapidly growing approach for the resolution of business disputes.  From resolving conflict between staff members through to racial discrimination, unfair dismissal, bullying or harassment claims, poor performance issues, partnership disputes, redundancy programmes and monetary issues within the supply chain. 

Mediation offers another way to resolve conflict — one that can help you and the other party come to a genuine understanding and find a resolution that addresses both of your needs and interests. In mediation, a neutral third person – Sandy Brown — meets with parties who are having a conflict to help them try to work it out together. Because you and the other party make the agreement together, you are both more likely to keep it. Also, the process of working things out in mediation is an experience you and the other party can draw upon if you run into problems again in the future.


Added to this, mediation also saves the business involved thousands of pounds in the legal fees associated with litigation, and restores a harmonious working environment.  Ultimately it makes sound commercial sense to employ the skills of a mediator.


What is Civil & Commercial Mediation?

Commercial mediation is a practical yet sophisticated process designed to address the real issues and obstacles behind conflict in reaching a commercially viable solution.

Thanks to the ten years she spent as a practicing litigation solicitor within the City of London Sandy Brown understands that for many individuals and organisations dispute resolution is a ‘distress purchase’. The cost in terms of business disruption and personal management time to manage conflict is often underestimated.

As an ADR Group accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator Sandy provides professional commercial mediation services as an effective alternative to litigation. The appointment of Sandy’s services provides the structure within which a constructive and positive negotiation process can take place. The decision to settle and terms of agreement rest with the parties themselves, not the mediator and not a judge.

What is Workplace Mediation?

When conflict at work escalates into a dispute, communication can become difficult or break down altogether. 

Workplace mediation is an informal, structured process in which an independent third party, Sandy Brown, helps people in a disagreement or dispute to create a way forward.  Mediation introduces a powerful new dynamic to any negotiation or dispute discussion.  It enables people to restore and develop healthy working relationships.

Workplace mediation is future-focussed – it is concerned with how things will be from now on rather than finding blame for how things have been in the past.  It is optional – any party can withdraw from the process at any time.

Through her workplace mediation services Sandy can help to restore healthy working relationships through private impartial alternative dispute resolution advice, negotiation and support.

In addition to this Sandy’s conflict resolution workshop and conflict coaching courses help improve mediation skills and work based management of conflict.

The goal of workplace mediation is for the people involved in a disagreement or dispute to negotiate their own mutually agreed solutions to the issues between them.

What is Family mediation

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