Sandy Brown is an independent provider of professional mediation services within Essex and London. A qualified solicitor since 2001, she now specialises in the resolution of family, workplace and business disputes.

As a qualified family mediator, Sandy helps couples and families to resolve financial and children related matters through mediation which is a proven and more cost effective way of resolving these matters quickly and amicably.

As an accredited workplace mediator, Sandy helps employers and employees manage a range of employment issues such as bullying, unfair dismissal and performance, saving businesses time and costs involved in managing such disputes.

As a proven alternative to expensive litigation, her mediation services enable public, private and not for profit sector organisations to avoid the expense and disruption of litigation, to resolve matters fairly, and to move forward.

As an experienced and qualified mediator she delivers a wide range of bespoke services to businesses, and has achieved successful outcomes for previous clients including The Royal Mail, well known banks and other financial institutions, universities, schools, hospitals and charities.

For further information or a confidential enquiry, please contact Sandy Brown on 07947 534 756 or email

Sandy saves businesses thousands of pounds spent dealing with employee conflicts and helps improve employee wellbeing


HR Director, Hospital Trust


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Mediation takes place


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